As we’re all searching for that illusive indoor/outdoor lifestyle, where our homes melt seamlessly into gorgeous gardens, it’s no wonder that exterior doors of all shapes and sizes continue to make attractive additions. While bifolds have been the door du jour for a while, now Crittall-style frames and large sliding panels are giving them some competition. Each style has its merits; sliding doors will never give you a completely open facade, but they do allow for fewer frames when closed. Sliding doors also work brilliantly on a wider building where they can give a maximised view of the garden. These 10 admirable examples show how to use sliding doors and how to decorate to complement them. Take a look before deciding if this style is up your street.

Channel urban glam

Meal prep almost becomes theatre in this immaculately accessorised cookspace with triple-panel sliding doors. The three same-sized panels create a great sense of symmetry and order, which is mirrored in the long dining table and peninsular unit.

Polished-concrete floors, marble worktops, brass accents, deconstructed pendant lights, prehistoric palms and a gorgeous garden beyond represent clear kitchen bliss.

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